PacFAA's committee structure can vary year-to-year. Most committee chairs are appointed by the President.. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the committees,  please contact the committee chair.

Bylaws, Policies & Procedures

Maintains and updates the bylaws and policies and procedures of the organization, allowing for orderly change as needed.

Chair: Sherrie Padilla

Standing Member: Kolby Santiago

Nominations & Elections

Selects candidates for PacFAA Office. Conducts the PacFAA election.

Chair: Kolby Santiago

Standing Member: Sherrie Padilla


Develops policy regarding financial matters of the Association. Coordinates all fund development activities associated with the operation and financing of PacFAA. Makes recommendations to the Executive Council regarding financial matters of the Association.

Co-Chair: Jeff Anderson

Co-Chair: Kirk Ishida

Standing Member: Sherrie Padilla

Standing Member: Calvin Black


Gathers data to determine potential members. Maintains membership records of the Association in conjunction with the Treasurer.

Chair: Sherrie Padilla


Recognizes those persons who have made significant contributions to PacFAA or the financial aid profession. Selects or recommends recipients for the following awards: Lifetime Membership, Service Recognition, and Other Awards as directed by the Executive Council or recommended by the Awards Committee.

Chair: Kolby Santiago


Provides; as directed, relative information to the membership electronically.

Co-Chair: Carna Brown

Co-Chair: Shana Kaneshiro

Standing Member: Open


Identifies training needs within the region and works with the state associations, WASFAA, and NASFAA to ensure that these needs are met.

Chair: Carna Brown


Provides a conference that meets the professional needs of the PAcFAA membership.

Chair:  Jeff Anderson

Standing Member: Carna Brown


Provides oversight for outreach activities for the Association. Activities such as Financial Aid Nights, FAFSA Completion Nights, and other community outreach events.

Chair: Frank Green

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